Remembering Frida Kahlo


Modern interpretation of a Frida Kahlo photograph taken by Nikolas Murray.

Before a selfie was a #selfie, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo perfected the self-portrait. Kahlo’s paintings explored self-portraiture in a way no other artist had; altering the viewer’s perspective, her paintings were not only Kahlo, but subtle and occasionally blatant commentaries on personal and societal occurrences.

She is quoted as saying, “I paint myself because I am so often alone and I am the subject I know best.”

Today, July 13th marks 62 years since Kahlo’s passing in Mexico City.  Although she was extremely well-known at the time of her death, her art was often overshadowed by that of her husband, Diego Rivera. As the feminist movement gained momentum, her work was praised for its portrayals of a woman’s mental state throughout her course of life. Read More

7 Things to Do in Greater Hartford this Weekend (07/08- 07/10)


Wadsworth Atheneum’s Second Saturdays; photo by Diana Guay

Happy Friday! We have an exciting lineup of events occurring throughout Greater Hartford this weekend! Listen to music under the stars or race a balloon-powered boat; take in a show at Artists Collective or stop by Gallery on the Green. Whatever cultural event you decide to take part in this weekend, don’t forget to tag @letsgoarts and use the hashtag #letsgoarts on Instagram for any photos taken at cultural events. We love to see all of you taking advantage of the arts offered throughout Greater Hartford! Read More

DIY Tissue Paper Collage

DIY paper collage

From fashion advertising to abstract art, collage is emerging as one of the most popular mediums – and for good reason. As our Featured Artist and collage aficionado Katherine Tolve says, “The best thing about mixed media and collage is that you can’t really screw up.” We don’t know about you, but the idea of not messing up an art piece sounds really appealing. So, we teamed up with Katherine for a fun, budget-friendly DIY collage activity that you can do on a lazy afternoon. Read More

Ten Ways Supporting the Arts Improves Your Community


The Greater Hartford area is a community united by art. We are vibrant and creative; diverse and thriving. We are home to hundreds of arts and cultural organizations that bind us together, making us a strong community. Our United Arts Campaign is designed to allow the Greater Hartford Arts Council to provide funding to nearly 150 arts and cultural organizations, allowing them to serve our community with cultural programming, educational opportunities and so much more.

Those organizations are 150 reasons alone to support the arts in Greater Hartford, but here are a few more ideas we came up with! Read More

Arts Innovation Day Recap: What to do when you don’t have an HR Department


By Trudi Lebron, ScriptFlip

When we love the work that we do, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of new projects, partnerships, initiatives and the creative teams that make the work happen. With our “get it done” attitudes that stem from part passion and part deadline, we can get so focused on the execution that we overlook the importance of planning for one of the most critical parts of the work… our human capital.

Workforce planning is “the process of linking workforce strategies to desired business outcomes” as told by Elizabeth Cary, Sr HR Consultant for Aetna. Cary shared with us how workforce planning involves a few critical components including an organizations overall staff to outcomes plan, succession planning, and staffing strategies including recruiting, retaining, developing and managing employees. Read More

5 June Music Performances You Won’t Want to Miss


13th Annual Black-eyed & Blues Music Festival, Amy Etra Photography

Trying to squeeze in a few musical performances before your summer is inundated with barbecues and beach vacations? Look no further! We’ve compiled a diverse list of performances you won’t want to miss! And don’t forget to use #LetsGoArts on Instagram for any photos taken at cultural events! We love to see all of you out in the community taking advantage of the arts in Greater Hartford. Read More