The Greater Hartford Arts Council relies on the generous contributions of arts enthusiasts like you to help support more than 150 local arts and heritage organizations. Your one, tax-deductible gift to United Arts goes a long way! Please consider making a donation to keep our local artists and arts organizations vibrant and healthy.

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Any donation of $50 or more automatically enrolls you in our Let’s GO Arts! discount program. Let’s Go Arts! members receive 2-for-1 admission and special ticket deals on arts and cultural events, as well as dining and shopping discounts around Greater Hartford. With your Let’s GO Arts! membership, get out and experience the arts in our community—all at an affordable price!


  1. Your site has many dead links. I am looking for the economic impact study. I bookmarked it a while ago, but the link has been taken down.

    1. Elizabeth,
      Thanks so much for your comment. We have actually been experiencing some site issues as of late, and I’m happy to announce that we’re in the process of re-designing our site to make it easier to navigate and access information. If you’d like a specific copy of that report, please email and we’ll send one along.

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