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Everything You Need To Do In Hartford By July 8th


Happy (early) Independence Day! As artists, we all know a little something about what it means to be independent. Read more

Sidewalk Chalk Isn’t Just for Kids

If you thought decorating the sidewalk with chalk and paint was just for kids, think again!  Tao and Amy Labossiere of Fine Art Painting, LLC  showed employees of UnitedHealth Group and passersby on Monday, June 2nd that sidewalk art can be a fun and creative break in the work day.  Not only that, but it beautified the corner of Pearl Street, causing nearly everyone to stop and look a moment.  Thankfully the weather cooperated for public artwork in downtown Hartford. Read more

Hartford Steam Boiler Heats Up the Workplace Campaign

There’s nothing like cooling off on a warm spring day with a bowl of ice cream.  It’s even better when it’s scooped by senior executives.  Well, Hartford Steam Boiler made for a perfect warm spring week with their United Arts Workplace Campaign last week by providing one such ice cream social.  And there is no cooling down their enthusiasm and passion for the supporting the arts.  Read more

2014 Featured Artist: Carol Padberg

We are so thankful to everyone that contributes to our United Arts Campaign. To show our gratitude to our wonderful donors, every year we offer thank you gifts. One of which is a Greater Hartford-inspired print for those who contribute $500 or more. For 2014 our Featured Artist, Carol Padberg, has created a collage print inspired by Hartford’s cultural diversity.

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2014 Featured Musician: Kate Callahan

Sometimes thank you just isn’t enough. Every year as a gift for donors who contribute $100 or more to our United Arts campaign, we commission local musician(s) to release an exclusive EP. This year our featured musician is the wonderfully talented Kate Callahan.

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At Your Service: Hartford Arts & Heritage Jobs Grants 2014

Funded by the City of Hartford and managed by the Arts Council since 2009, The Hartford Arts & Heritage Jobs Grants supports arts and heritage programming and projects that generate or retain jobs, support local business and drive economic activity. Since its inception the Jobs Grant program has retained more than 30 jobs, expanded more than 45, created over 650 (FT, PT and Temp), added over 170 youth employment positions and resulted in more than 5.5 million in visitor audience spending. In 2011 it became a national model for using the arts to impact the local economy, winning the Audrey Nelson Community Development Achievement Award.
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The ART of Affordable Care

Health Insurance. Everyone needs it, but most don’t fully understand it. (Myself included!) In March 2010 the Affordable Care Act was passed into law, which put into place comprehensive health insurance reforms. With the open enrollment period lasting from October 2013 through March 31, 2014 and coverage beginning as early as January 2014, there has definitely been no shortage of questions and concerns.

To help shed some light on the subject and share how artists can take advantage of new coverage, the Greater Hartford Arts Council put together The ART of Affordable Care. These free workshops provided basic facts about what the Affordable Care Act and Connecticut’s new insurance marketplace means for individuals and small businesses, especially artists and all those in the creative sector in our region.  Read more

The Gift of Giving Tuesday

Remember being a kid?

Remember when the holidays seemed, like, a million years away? And when you’re all grown up all of a sudden it’s BAM. They’re here?

Well the other day we were going over the staff calendar and realized BAM. Thanksgiving was just around the corner! We started prepping and planning our end of year giving strategy. Many of our donors like to make their gifts as the calendar draws to a close; it is, after all, a season of giving. Giving thanks, giving gifts, giving back.

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“We’re All In This Together”: Collaboration through Hartford Events Grants

Live together, die alone.” Although a bit hyperbolic, this phrase from the hit television show Lost more popularly, though more roughly reiterates another common saying that has emerged from the arts and cultural community throughout Greater Hartford—“We’re all in this together.” Now more than ever, our local organizations are working with one another to ensure that our culture—one of the region’s most important and valuable assets—sticks around for generations to come. That’s why I’m very excited that our latest round of Hartford Events Grants includes unique collaborations that provide truly dynamic, multidisciplinary projects for the public to experience multiple forms of art at one event.

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Funding to ‘Drive’ Arts Innovation

Over the last two years I’ve been analyzing the Arts Council’s overall investment strategy and considering ways our organization can provide the most meaningful support to cultural organizations in the Capitol region while also fostering growth of new organizations. Grantmakers for Effective Organizations’ research shows that the types of financial support that are most associated with long-term nonprofit success are:

  • General Operating Support
  • Multiyear Support
  • Capacity-Building Support

While the Arts Council has been offering General Operating Support grants since its inception in 1971, there are a number of organizations that don’t meet the program’s eligibility requirements and deserve meaningful support to increase their operational effectiveness.

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