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Each year, the Greater Hartford Arts Council runs a community-wide fundraising effort called the United Arts Campaign from February to June. But what is United Arts? How is the money raised and where does it go?

What is the United Arts Campaign?

Streetpainting in State House Square
Street painting mural project in State House Square during United Arts Week, spring 2011.

‘United Arts’ is exactly that: a united campaign that supports the entire arts community of Greater Hartford. One gift to United Arts goes a long way: more than 150 arts and heritage organizations receive United Arts funding. Instead of supporting only one organization or a specific project, the United Arts Campaign keeps the entire cultural community—visual arts, performing arts and heritage—alive in Greater Hartford.

United Arts joins together corporate contributions and sponsorships, government and private foundation support and the donations of individual arts enthusiasts living and working in Greater Hartford to provide funding opportunities and services to our grantee organizations. Throughout the year, the Arts Council  runs workplace giving campaigns inside local businesses, sends thousands of appeals and hosts a series of community events to raise money and awareness for the arts.

Where does the money go?

Max Wine Dinner
Max's Farm to Table Wine Dinner, a fundraiser for United Arts.

More than half of the money raised is distributed to the arts community through a series of direct-support and project-specific grants. Our largest grant program, General Operating Support, provides essential operational funding which covers everyday costs like utility bills, payroll, facility maintenance and other necessities not typically funded by corporate sponsors or private foundations. The Arts Council is one of the few remaining sources of unrestricted operational support. Project-specific grants, like our Community Events Grant and Neighborhood Arts & Heritage Grant programs, encourage creative and innovative programming that helps make the arts accessible to everyone.

The rest of the money goes to the Arts Council’s range of services—from umbrella marketing to professional services and advocacy efforts—and to reaching new supporters for the arts.

Love the arts? Consider donating to United Arts. Your contributions go a long way to keeping the arts alive in our community.

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