February DIY Calendar Challenge

Be honest – how many times have you saved a DIY on Pinterest only to forget about it months later (don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it)? Maybe you just got a new peel and stick wallpaper for your wall and wanted to add a little more to it?

Studies show that creating art helps improve mindfulness and relieve stress, which is why we’re committing to creating at least one of these tutorials each week. From macaroon bottle cap ornaments to a Valentine’s Day wreath, each day has been given a DIY craft to quench your creativity and help you beat those winter blues. You can even visit the Bumblejax acrylic printing guide to bring some of your designs to life and have them as wall art. That way, you can look at your creations all of the time as they’ll be hanging proudly on the center of your wall.

Your project doesn’t have to be 100% DIY if you’re not up to it. Not being able to start is or fear of not being able to finish a big project one of the main reasons our Pinterest ideas go forgotten. That’s why many junior decorators choose a combination of things they have made and art they have bought. For example, you could buy some Star Maps and put them in frames you decorated yourself. Buying something and changing it into your own style is a great way to start DIY”

This February we want to get your creativity flowing, so we put together a calendar of DIYs to channel your inner artist. Tutorials and instructions are linked below in the caption of each photo- now get crafting! And don’t forget to invest in an impact driver at so that you can all of your beautiful creations on your wall. For help choosing the right one, visit https://toolhelpful.com/best-impact-driver-reviews/.
Tag your creations with #letsgoarts on Instagram and we’ll reshare. P.S.: follow us on Pinterest for more DIYs!

Wednesday, February 01: French Macaroon Bottle Cap Ornaments

Via IAmAHomemaker.com | Make your own here!

Thursday, February 02: DIY Woodland Sign

Via LiveLaughRowe.com | Get the details here!

Friday, February 03: Fired Ink Art

Via ItsAlwaysAutumn.com | Full tutorial: here!

Saturday, February 04: How to Make a Dream Catcher

Via TheJourneyJunkie.com | DIY Tutorial located here!

Sunday, February 05: Newspaper Art

Via CraftedLove.com | Instructions can be found here!

Monday, February 06: Giant Peony Paper Flower

Via MamasGoneCrafty.com | Video is linked here!

Tuesday, February 07: DIY Herringbone Canvas Art

Via IShouldBeMoppingTheFloor.com | All you need to know can be found here!

Wednesday, February 08: Mandala Stones

Via ColorfulCrafts.com | Details are —-> here!

Thursday, February 09: Sand Shape Art

Via AverageInspired.com | Templates and tutorial are here!

Friday, February 10: DIY Prism Mason Jar Candle

Via DIYProjects.com | Learn how to make your own here!

Saturday, February 11: Valentine Wreath

Via BloomingHomestead.com | Everything you need is here!

Sunday, February 12: DIY “Love” Valentine’s Day Sign

Via LandeeSeeLandeeDo.com | Love it? Make one here!

Monday, February 13: Heart Punch Valentine’s Day Art

Via CozyCottageCute.com | Make your own here!

Tuesday, February 14: DIY Tootsie Roll Bouquet

Via eHow | You can never go wrong with chocolate! Full video is here!

Wednesday, February 15: Colorful Melting Crayon Canvas Art

Via DIYTag.com | Information can be found here!

Thursday, February 16: DIY Vintage Music Book Page Wreath

Via TheFrugalHomemaker.com | Make your own homemade wreath here!

Friday, February 17: DIY Coffee Candle

Via LemonsLavenderAndLaundry.com |This tutorial even includes some helpful tips! Click here!

Saturday, February 18: Red Wine Lollipops

Via Jags.com |This recipe is sure to be a treat! (21+ up of course) Learn more here!

Sunday, February 19: DIY Wall Art “The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things”

Via HubPages.com | Full tutorial is here!

Monday, February 20: DIY World Map with Lights

Via HazelAndRuby.com | Quench your wanderlust here!

Tuesday, February 21: DIY Bathbombs

Via SunlitSpaces.com | Instructions, ingredients…it’s all right here!

Wednesday, February 22: Upcycled Book Page Rosettes

Via DoodleCraftBlog.com | This super easy tutorial can be found here!

Thursday, February 23: DIY Layered Burlap Monogram

Via HomeTalk.com | Click here to make your own!

Friday, February 24: DIY Modge Podge Wall Art

Via KateBullen.BlogSpot.com | Click here to learn how-to!

Saturday, February 25: DIY Pretzel Pillow

Via StudioDIY.com | Learn how to make this cute pillow here!

Sunday, February 26: Mason Jar Light

Via AllThingsHeartAndHome.com | Details can be found here!

Monday, February 27: Hand Painted Galaxy Wine Glass

Via JocelynArielle and Etsy.com | Step-by-step instructions can be found here!

Tuesday, February 28: Picture Frame Luminaries

Via ThatsWhatCheSaid.net | Make one here!

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