How to Boost Your Arts Organization with Business Volunteers for the Arts

You’ve heard the acronym. You know it’s relevant, but what can it actually do for YOU?

Over the past eight months, you’ve probably heard us at the Arts Council consistently reference “BVA” or Business Volunteer for the Arts. If you recall, on a rainy Friday morning in early June, GHAC partnered with Aetna and we hosted our first BVA Arts Innovation Day. (Check out our blog recap series here!) Whether our guests were looking to enhance their marketing strategy or building strategic partnerships, attendees were given the opportunity to work with their peers and corporate professionals towards their goals of a more efficient and innovative organization. Arts Innovation Day was a small piece in the greater puzzle of BVA.

Business Volunteers for the Arts is a national skills-based management consultant program that pairs arts organizations with corporate business professionals. Not only does BVA encourage cross-sector conversation (the for-profit world and the non-profit world don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to management and organizational practices), but it provides arts organizations with valuable management knowledge and new resources while simultaneously offering business professionals a unique development opportunity.

Why did we incorporate BVA in Greater Hartford?

A few reasons: BVA offers the insight of trained business professional who volunteers their time and skills to assist with distinct management and organizational projects. Additionally, BVA provides volunteer opportunities for leadership development and a chance to apply and expand their professional skillsets. Since its’ creation nearly 40 years ago by Americans for the Arts, BVA has facilitated hundreds of projects resulting in stronger arts organizations and expanded professional skills for volunteers. GHAC is looking to tap into the wealth of knowledge within corporations throughout our region to benefit our local arts and heritage organizations.

What are some benefits of BVA?

As an arts and culture organization you are able to gain insight from trained business professionals volunteering their time to assist with organization and management projects. Gain a fresh perspective outside of the typical not-for-profit way of thinking and make a connection that can last. Maybe your assigned volunteer will become a donor, long-term volunteer or a member of your Board of Directors.

As a business partner, volunteering with BVA is an opportunity for leadership development. Not only will you expand your knowledge and experience by working in a realm outside your current industry, but you are working to make a tangible difference in the arts community in Greater Hartford!

Looking to get involved?

Mark your calendars! Our 2017 BVA Arts Innovation Day is June 2nd!

All forms and application deadlines can be accessed through our website. Arts and culture organization applications are accepted quarterly (March, June, September, and December 2017) Follow this link for any of your unanswered questions. Or contact our Community Programs Manager, Amanda Roy.

Help us make an impact in 2017! Give to our United Arts Campaign to build a stronger arts and cultural community in Greater Hartford.