16 Quotes Every Creative Soul Needs in Their Life

Whether we’re happy or sad, thriving or defeated, we’ve come across someone who said it better. Someone who took the words out of our mouths and tied them together with a pretty pink bow. Someone who knew what we were thinking before we even knew we’d ever feel this way; and someone who said it so much more eloquently.

We gathered 16 of our favorite quotes from our Pinterest page (see below) so you wouldn’t have to. Sixteen quotes to express moments every creative soul has experienced and sixteen people who were able to say it so much better than we ever could.


  1. When you can’t express yourself with words…52fa64397352f3813dee4dd6652e56d9
  2. When you want to make a lasting impression…61cb97ccddc72ea427bda557a5c44b8f
  3. When you want to stand out…851f22e9be39f6b15c3603c315e2c118
  4. When you’re looking to capture a moment…                          3df2778b40c23ddbd43156622b101325
  5. When you want to acknowledge what’s really important…07e2efa4751894bee5f0bb2c4882da4f
  6. When you need a dose of inspiration…157e497f11956abfdd6dcd50f0dd01a5
  7. When you’re trying to capture the perfect self-portrait…747d213db8a115aa5ad87dba5abb37ae
  8. When you need to stop whatever you’re doing and find a pen…1c6883bd54b94e9d781d46e7d50d7fe0.jpg
  9. When you need to “let it go”…enhanced-buzz-30563-1354760814-0.jpg
  10. When you need courage to follow your dreams…dc7ff20e1af55e41e62b1c6c089cada3.jpg
  11. When adversity strikes and you need a reminder that it’ll be okay…4d3bacd16543a61ef349898f4904fcc3
  12. When you want to step outside conventional beauty standards…0597a1f07f97b8ac4d71ee42a0b2d876
  13. When what you have to offer is a little outside the box…eec1ea2c9a5de333be6d7110fc7c3539
  14. When someone asks you what you do every day…f2559e962f3a1720ee9232917da7236c
  15. When you want to try something new…e24a277dc797781f22e2baeeb8fe4df6
  16. When you need a little magic…7109dbcb2d1a5ada7deba9503f03986b.jpg

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