DIY Tissue Paper Collage

DIY paper collage

From fashion advertising to abstract art, collage is emerging as one of the most popular mediums – and for good reason. As our Featured Artist and collage aficionado Katherine Tolve says, “The best thing about mixed media and collage is that you can’t really screw up.” We don’t know about you, but the idea of not messing up an art piece sounds really appealing. So, we teamed up with Katherine for a fun, budget-friendly DIY collage activity that you can do on a lazy afternoon. Per Katherine’s recommendations, we suggest experimenting and disregarding the rules, but here’s a brief guide to get you started. Share your collage with us on Instagram using #LetsGoArts and we’ll repost!

To create: using stencils, cut different shapes of tissue paper and paste onto a blank canvas. Continue layering until all white space is covered including the sides. If you finish your piece and don’t like it, use markers to draw over it, add buttons, or continue layering with tissue paper. Like we said, you can’t mess up – and that’s the beauty of collage.

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