Ten Ways Supporting the Arts Improves Your Community


The Greater Hartford area is a community united by art. We are vibrant and creative; diverse and thriving. We are home to hundreds of arts and cultural organizations that bind us together, making us a strong community. Our United Arts Campaign is designed to allow the Greater Hartford Arts Council to provide funding to nearly 150 arts and cultural organizations, allowing them to serve our community with cultural programming, educational opportunities and so much more.

Those organizations are 150 reasons alone to support the arts in Greater Hartford, but here are a few more ideas we came up with!

  1. The Arts have a Social Impact.

According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, cities with a higher concentration of the arts demonstrate higher civic involvement, higher child welfare, more social cohesion, and lower crime and poverty rates. Also, did you know the arts are utilized by the U.S. military to promote resilience, readiness, retention and the successful reintegration of veterans into family and community life? In April, one of our Art & Wellness program grantees, The Veterans Art Foundation, held the first of four free mask-making workshops.

  1. The Arts Improve Academic Performance.

If you attended our Summer Soiree on June 9th at the Hyland Mansion, you heard Dr. Jane Best say that children who participate in the arts for approximately three hours a week are four times more likely to understand math and science. Through GHAC, over 100,000 local students have the opportunity to experience arts-in-education and help them connect with school-based curriculum, expand their learning and gain cultural understanding. And this is all because of our generous donors!

  1. The Arts Benefit Local Sellers.

Beyond the cost of admission, hiring babysitters for the evening, parking, and meals, attendees at nonprofit arts events typically spend approximately $24.60 per person. Not to mention, attendees who lived outside of the county of the event were measured to spend twice as much as their local counterparts. Any revenue is valuable revenue for local businesses.

  1. The Arts Strengthen our Economy.

Did you know the arts industry in Greater Hartford generates more than $230 M in economic activity and supports nearly 7,000 local jobs? The nonprofit arts industry alone generates approximately $135 Billion in economic activity annually (spending by organizations and their audiences). This, on a national scale, supports 4.1 million jobs and generates $22.3 Billion in government revenue!

  1. The Arts Drive Tourism.

Arts travelers are your favorite tourists; they stay longer and spend more to seek out authentic cultural experiences. From a tourism perspective, there is nothing more you could want from a visitor!

  1. The Arts Promote Prosperity.

More than 1 million people participate in the arts in our region, helping them spark creativity, explore different cultures, learn about our past, and feel more connected to our community. The arts are fundamental to our humanity; they inspire us. The arts help to express our creativity and bridge the gaps between cultures. The arts bring and bind us together. They unite us.

  1. The Arts Improve Healthcare.

Nearly one half of the nation’s healthcare institutions provide arts programming for patients, families, and even staff. Approximately 78% of these establishments provide these programs due to their healing benefits to patients such as better pain management, shorter hospital stays and less medication. One of our grantees, the Hospital for Special Care, has a project dedicated to the healing powers of art. Their program Joy of Art:  The Art of Honor creates workshops for veterans and their families to explore their experiences through the arts!

  1. The Arts Create Business.

The Creative Industries encompass a number of arts businesses. The list ranges from nonprofit museums, symphonies, and theaters to for-profit film, architecture and design companies. According to American Blog for the Arts, “a 2015 analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data counts 702,771 businesses in the U.S. involved in the creation or distribution of the arts that employ 2.9 million people—representing 3.9 percent of all businesses and 1.9 percent of all employees.” As we mentioned previously, the Arts is currently responsible for 7,000 local jobs in Greater Hartford!

  1. The Arts are Accessible.

Generous donations to the Greater Hartford Arts Council funds over 600 community performances and open houses are offered to help make the arts accessible to all citizens.

  1. The Arts Aid the Next Generation.

Through our summer arts apprenticeship program, Neighborhood Studios, local teens gain the opportunity to experience invaluable arts education and career-skills training. The award-winning, nationally recognized 6 week program allows teens (ages 14-18) the opportunity to work as paid apprentices in some of Hartford’s most renowned cultural institutions!

Join our United Arts Campaign to help support the arts in Greater Hartford!


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