The Art of Taking the Perfect Selfie


Selfies. Everyone takes them whether they admit it or not. And yet, the practice of taking the best selfie is still so elusive. Short of adding a Valencia filter, some selfies just don’t do us justice. So, as part of our United Arts Campaign, we teamed up with Connecticut photographer Roger Castonguay of Defining Studios to host a selfie workshop for the employees of Lincoln Financial Group to master once and for all how to take the perfect selfie. According to Roger, it all comes down to…lighting. Always face the light. There’s a reason car selfies are so flattering (although we don’t recommend taking selfies while driving!) – the sun hits your face at the right angle. So, whenever possible, try to face a window when taking a selfie. The larger the light source the better we look. If you’re outside, though, Roger advises to find the shade, “you don’t want to be squinting in your wedding photos.” Our image is becoming more and more important, and luckily minor cosmetic procedures are becoming more widely available to make sure we’re always looking our best. For example, Dr. Gregory J. Wych D.D.S. could give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of; what more could you want for the perfect selfie?

But what if you’re somewhere that has poor lighting? Use a whiteboard to bounce off light. It also helps to increase the exposure in your camera app to brighten your photo. While there’s nothing wrong with using your phone’s default camera, we love apps like VSCO cam for taking photos and Snapseed for editing. To get a higher resolution selfie or a cool fisheye or wide angle effect, Roger recommends using Olloclip lenses to clip on your phone. Of course, a selfie stick, wouldn’t hurt either if you happen to be in a beautiful place and would like a lovely backdrop. Other than that, we suggest just having fun. After all, the best selfies are the ones where we shine from within, and that’s something a filter can’t do (can someone say “Cheese?”). Something tells me this Dentist Mount Vernon way is going to be your new best friend!


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