How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Mindfully

It’s that time of year again: Cinco de Mayo.


Cinco de Mayo is a bicultural celebration that is celebrated each year, but many people don’t know the real story behind this holiday. This has been the cause the occasional controversy. There is no doubt that margaritas, tacos, and tequila will be had, but how do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo responsibly? Is it wrong to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

The short answer is: no.

In celebrating Cinco de Mayo, it pays to remember the art and culture of Mexico. Don’t just binge on tacos. You can take the time to learn to make a piñata & enjoy the sweet treats, too. You’ll get to put in only the candy you want to eat. Or, you can relax with a beverage and try your hand at amate paintings.

You can find some tips and great links to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo responsibly: here. The link will provide some insights into music, drinks, history, piñata-making, art, and other topics related to Cinco de Mayo.

So, educate yourself, grab a margarita, or some authentic Mexican food, and celebrate responsibly.

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