The Story Behind Our 2016 Featured Artist Prints

2016 featured artist prints

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen the work of our two Featured Artists, Katherine Tolve and Lindsey Fyfe. Both artists are collaborating with us during the United Arts Campaign (currently underway!) to give a limited edition print to our donors as a thank you for supporting the arts community in Greater Hartford. The colorful prints are perfect for brightening up your home or office, or even to give as a special gift. We talked with Lindsey and Katherine to get the scoop behind their pieces. Read on and learn more about our United Arts Campaign donor benefits to find out how to get your own limited edition print!

Talcott Mountain by Lindsey Fyfe

Lindsey Fyfe

This watercolor painting (painted at top of Talcott Mountain Summit!) is inspired by and created for Lindsey’s parents who got engaged at Talcott Mountain. Lindsey is an abstract painter who is based in Hartford. Her exhibit “Cardinal Points” is currently on display at 100 Pearl Street Gallery through June 3.

Lindsey Fyfe: [On Talcott Mountain] “That painting is meaningful to me for a number of reasons. One of which is that I spent a lot of time living outside of Connecticut, and came back to Connecticut and didn’t quite have my footing here. But one thing I always loved about the state is the natural beauty, so finding trails and things that I remember as a child and revisiting them as an adult was really important to me for finding my footing here. That place is also really important to me because my parents were actually engaged on the summit of Talcott Mountain in 1978 April, so it’s been a meaningful place in my family for that reason too. That watercolor was a gift that I gave to my parents last year for their anniversary.”

Love – A Deck of Cards by Katherine Tolve 

Katherine Tolve

This collage piece by Katherine Tolve is made up of tissue paper, buttons, and a deck of playing cards (Katherine estimates they’re from the 1950’s or 1970’s). Katherine has inspired us to repurpose unused items and garbage into beautiful pieces of art. She will be exhibiting her works in 100 Pearl Street Gallery this June.

Katherine Tolve: “I have a ton of playing cards and I thought it would be fun to do individual pieces that just explore that one of deck of cards, so this is an example of that. I cut it apart, I tried to restructure it enough that you can’t initially tell what it is, that you can’t tell that it comes from a deck of playing cards but when you look up close, eventually the puzzle comes together. I don’t want to completely hide the fact that they are playing cards because someone designed, someone created them, I think they’re beautiful and that’s what I’m trying to say is “look at these deck of cards, they’re awesome.” No one ever used them, I think I found them at a flea market, they were being thrown away. And this one just so happens to be called Deck of Cards – Love.”

Our United Arts Campaign is underway! Here’s your opportunity to make a real impact on the arts in your community.