Spring Cleaning Hack: Repurpose Your Garbage Into Art

X Marks the Spot on display at 100 Pearl Street Gallery

Spring is just a few days away and with that comes the dreaded spring cleaning. But instead of throwing out unwanted items from our closets, desks, and basement, we’re taking pointers from local artists Joy Floyd and Katherine Tolve. Both artists are part of our Remembering & Repurposing series at 100 Pearl Street Gallery and both are known for repurposing waste into beautiful works of art from collage to mixed media. Joy’s work is chock-full of colorful used packages that would otherwise end up in the trash, like this package from Gevalia that’s serves as the landscape for Black and Orange Wings. 

Black and Orange Wings
Black and Orange Wings by Joy Floyd

During Joy’s reception we offered guests the opportunity to participate in a group collage inspired by Joy’s artwork:

DIY Collage Art Project

Like Joy, Katherine’s art appropriates packages and unused items into stunning masterpieces. One of our favorite works, Suppertime, repurposes Betty Crocker recipe cards to speak to the balance of domesticity and feminism.

Suppertime by Katherine Tolve

Another favorite, aptly titled Dutch Masters incorporates hundreds (if not thousands) of unused cigar wrappers that are barely recognizable from afar. Both pieces will be on display at 100 Pearl Street Gallery this summer. Katherine is also one of our 2016 featured artists; with a donation of just $100 to our United Arts Campaign you can receive one of her limited edition prints.

katherine tolve dutch masters
Dutch Masters by Katherine Tolve

Inspired, yet? Share your repurposed art with us on Instagram using #LetsGoArts. Joy’s show X Marks the Spot is currently on display through the end of March at 100 Pearl Street Gallery and Katherine’s show Reclaimed Rubbish opens on June 13. Head to our page to read more about 100 Pearl Street Gallery and save the dates for the upcoming receptions!

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