Stories from the Mark Twain House


There are so many ways you can share your story. It can be poetic. It can be humorous, heartbreaking or horrific. You can reveal it in a letter, write a book, share it from a stage in a crowded theater or spit rhymes in a poetry slam. How much you reveal can be shallow or deeply personal.  The apprentices from the Mark Twain House’s Write to the Point program spent six weeks of their summer in the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s Neighborhood Studios program honing their creative non-fiction writing skills and preparing their work for presentation. They told their stories through exercises and prompts, on paper and through recordings.

More skills than just writing were gained throughout the summer program. Apprentices improved their writing, they interacted with teens from backgrounds different than their own, they read their stories in front of audiences of 70+ people, and they recorded their stories at a local radio station. It’s one thing to write your story, but a whole other thing to read it aloud and record it with your own voice. A field trip to the WNPR studios in Hartford led to a collection of apprentice recordings as diverse as you can imagine. Here are just a few of them for your enjoyment.

The Earwig Chronicles by Olivia Case LISTEN HERE

Amber Wings by William Crosby LISTEN HERE

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