3 Reasons Why These Teen Filmmakers Rock


  1. Their trailers make you wish you didn’t miss the Eye on Video Film Festival this summer!  Sorry to break it to you, but you missed it!  Apprentices arranged these trailers as a promotional tool for their final showcase this summer. They crafted the trailers to leave viewers intrigued and curious. What did he have to decide? Did anyone sit down for lunch with her? How will his parents react to the contents in that letter?

  1. The diversity of film style and subject.  From deep and contemplative to humorous; their personalities shine through their films. Ten unique young film makers directed their own work and collaborated with their fellow apprentices to create a portfolio of work over six weeks. Stay tuned for some possible future collaborations!
  1. They’ve got imagination!  You need to watch the trailers to see what we mean.

Eye on Video apprentices in the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s Neighborhood Studios program spent six weeks working with Master Teaching Artist Erika van Natta at Real Art Ways during the summer of 2015.

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