Collaboratively speaking


Have you ever written a collaborative story or poem without knowing what anyone else was writing? Sounds pretty tricky, huh? That’s exactly the kind of challenge we set up for the apprentices at the Mark Twain House and Museum’s “Write to the Point!” program. “Write to the Point!” is a part of the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s Neighborhood Studios teen apprenticeship program. After spending 4 weeks writing creative non-fiction in the same room, could one line from each of them really give us a glimpse into what the Neighborhood Studios experience has been like for this group of talented young writers?

Write to the Point!

Pick up the pen and watch your thought unfold

It’s a very fun place to write and learn

You write for you

Click, click, click, the tapping of the keys resounds though the paneled room

We are laborers over words; twisting, arranging them into something true

Words hug the paper I write on

My words dance across the page like lyrics in a blissful song


I met even more nerds. That’s awesome!

The Twain house is so old, its auditorium is so cold

My laissez-faire does not flow as it should

Julia, Sten, and Anne are awesome

I’m rad, so is this

17 intriguing innovators

I miss writing about poetry

Suzy’s fingers dance across her old bed, the glimmer of her ghost hides behind the tour guides head.


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