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Adams & Knight panelists discuss best practices for digital marketing

The Greater Hartford Arts Council teamed up with the experts at Adams & Knight for a 2-hour panel discussion on best practices for your next digital marketing campaign, including examples from agency case studies. You may also want to consider the Marketing Statistics You Should Know About too. Whether you’re a freelance artist or work at an arts, culture, or heritage nonprofit, I’ve listed the top ten pieces of advice to help you market your events and programs and demonstrate your brand more effectively. The following tips are tweets from my personal twitter account.

1. Make sure that your messages are not just relevant to your cause, but also contain information that is valuable to your audience.

2. People don’t respond solely to rote information. Personalize your messages to your audiences and you’ll make them more comfortable. You’ll also be able to reach more people. This is why the use of tools like Resell Ringless Voicemail has a positive impact on businesses who have a goal of targeting potential clients and customers.

3. Remember to be mobile friendly. Don’t just tailor social media to work on laptop and desktop computers. Be phone and tablet friendly, too.

4. Don’t just sync all of your social media. Be aware of your platform’s format. You can’t use one tool for everything.

5. Social media is all about the content. Align your content with your mission and goals to truly send your message.

6. Social media editorial calendars are your friend. Tailor this tool to your particular posting style.

7. Make content fresh and engaging. Use video, behind-the-scenes footage, images of what matters to your brand and organization; Use your imagination.

8. Never forget that social media is a two-way conversation. If you’re audience posts a great photo of an event and makes a good point comment back, like, or favorite their post. No one likes to feel ignored.

9. Don’t fear showing your unique brand personality when responding to your social media followers.

10. Even social media needs a budget. Promote your content. Use your money well. See what works and what doesn’t. Monitor, adjust, repeat.

The ultimate take away from the seminar was that digital marketing is most successful when you use your tools in concert with one another. Whilst this sounds easy, it’s not always that straightforward. That’s why some upcoming businesses seek the help of marketing companies, like Juris digital for example. Any company can benefit from digital marketing, it doesn’t matter whether you have a law firm or a freelance photography business. There will be someone available to help you boost your website.

Whilst at the conference, panelists identified five major social media platforms that all organizations should use, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. The panel also cautioned the audience that digital marketing tools are exactly that: tools. Just like an artisan wouldn’t use all of the tools in a tool box for a particular job, figure out which digital marketing tools work best for your situation and your audiences. Using a digital marketing agency is a great way to get your business out there and known. For more information on what a digital marketing agency could offer you, visit the Whitehat website.

Stay tuned for more seminars in the coming months. For now, connect with us to keep up-to-date on industry news, workshops, and community events.

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