Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategies This Spring


Calling all arts marketing gurus! For the first time ever we’re launching a free seminar on digital marketing tailored to arts and cultural organizations to help you market your events, programs, and brand more effectively.

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Anyway, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Adams & Knight* for a 2-hour panel discussion on best practices for your next digital marketing campaign, including examples from agency case studies. The marketing landscape is quickly evolving with digital playing an integral role in how we connect to the community and speak to our constituents. Whether you’re a freelance artist or work at an arts nonprofit, you’ll want to join us for fresh insights and a better understanding of how to achieve marketing goals using social media, email, and PR. If you are interested in using a professional agency, it might be worth enlisting the support of Ram Digital Marketing.

Save the date for Wednesday, April 29, 10AM – Noon at MCC on Main (903 Main Street, Manchester). Space is limited! RSVP to by April 22 to reserve your spot.

*Adams & Knight is an integrated marketing agency dedicated to serving clients that help people live happier, healthier, wealthier lives. As the largest woman-owned ad agency in Connecticut, it serves regional, national and global clients in the healthcare, financial services and leisure industries.