Kicking Off the New Year with Mintz + Hoke


Only two weeks into the New Year, we kicked off the first employee giving event of the 2015 United Arts Campaign with one of New England’s largest advertising and public relations agencies.   For Mintz + Hoke, an early morning “Arts Break” at the Farmington Valley Arts Center proved to be a catalyst for creativity and inspiration. Stepped outside the comforts of the office, a group of more than 30 employees showed up on a chilly Wednesday morning for a United Arts Campaign breakfast and Arts Break.  As they warmed themselves with coffee and found a table to sit, they learned about the value of the arts for the community, the economy, and the quality of life in the Greater Hartford area. 


Employees were given paper, pencils, pastel, and watercolor paints to create unique personal pieces of art that would then be mounted on the walls of the gallery as a “Pop-up Exhibit.”  It did not take long for the creativity to kick in, as blank sheets of paper were filled with scenes of nature, abstract designs, happy kittens, and even the Mintz + Hoke logo.  The mood in the room quickly changed from one of apprehension, to one of excitement and enthusiasm.  Co-workers shared ideas and laughter, encouraging each other to step out their comfort zones.  Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  This creative cleansing seemed quite effective and, in no time, the artwork was up on the walls for employees to snap photos of their work. The finished pieces were then taken back to Mintz & Hoke where they are being displayed around the office.


There are many benefits of hosting an Arts Break.  Arts Breaks give employees the opportunity to showcase their personalities in the workplace, uncovering hidden talents.  They invite creativity, boost morale, encourage teamwork and create a work environment that is ripe for innovation.  Thanks to Mintz + Hoke for getting the 2015 United Arts Campaign off to a great start!