The 14 Best Tweets from the 2014 Grantmakers in the Arts conference

gia conference
Presentation by plenary speaker Dr. Stephen Tepper Image via @jsmart66 on Twitter.

I had the great opportunity of attending the 2014 Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) conference in Houston during the first half of this week. GIA provides leadership and service on advancing the use of philanthropic resources. It supports organizations that in turn believe in the value of arts and culture in shaping American society.  Since one can’t live-tweet everything or be everywhere at once, I avidly followed the #GIA2014 hashtag to read up on the commentary my colleagues left on all of the panels and events. The richest part of any conference is the conversation. I compiled what I found to be the most enlightening and thought-provoking tweets of this 4-day event.

On Art, Communities, Equity, & Accessibility

On Art, the Arts Field, & Communication Strategies