Creativity is Key to Workplace Wellness

Now that workplace campaigns are wrapped up for the season, we have some time to research new ideas to revamp our Arts Breaks for the next season. The more I research, the more I learn about the connection between creativity and workplace wellness. Artistic outlets really do make a difference in a company, both for employees’ benefit and for the company’s long-term sustainability. Ease of collaboration using Sharepoint from Cognillo can be a massive help too.I know we all have some gripes about work (don’t lie and say you don’t!). That’s why it’s called work and not play, right? But what if we could make work a little more inviting and motivating by using creative outlets? Employees would be motivated and companies will benefit. That’s why I’ve really enjoyed reading more from the resources available through “Creativity at Work.” They specialize in combining creative outlets with professional development to enhance the workplace. Their workshops take our Arts Breaks to the next level, but I think we could learn a lot from their resources, and so could your workplace!

Workplace Wellness isn’t just about physical health, it is also characterized by a motivated, engaged and inspired workforce who do great work. Although the impact on physical health should not be undermined either. Businesses should take precautions to ensure worker safety. For example, in a warehouse employers should have pallet racking safety inspections regularly.

There is a lot of talk about work/life balance. We all know that that balance is difficult to achieve, but by incorporating some creative aspects into any type of work or office the benefits can be far-reaching. Workplace wellness through creativity and employee engagement contribute to recruitment, retention, and sustainability of workplace. According to “Creativity at Work”, there are always opportunities to be creative– it just may not be in the traditional sense of artistic creation. These workplace opportunities can encompass communication skills, problem-solving, developing meaningful relationships, decision-making, and new insight into markets or solutions. Not only do employees value chances to be creative, but they also value the engagement and sense of community that come as a result of such creative opportunities. A more engaged and comfortable employee often makes for a more motivated and hard-working employee. Creating a space that feels good to be in, equipped with furniture like that sold on the office monster website, can help to create a more productive working environment that is more conducive to getting work done. Again, it’s a win-win! This means we should look after our employees to make them feel comfortable. For example, well-maintained air conditioning should be provided throughout the workplace to ensure maximum efficiency in the workplace.

Sir Richard Branson is a savvy businessman who has created an empire, but in doing so he has been very cognizant of inspiring his employees to be engaged and creative in the business. He wants employees who want to come to work, who are driven leaders, and who are loyal to the team. He has seven steps he adheres to in order to inspire passion in his employees and their work:

  1. Match the passion of employees with the mission of the company
  2. Tell employees what needs to be done and let them figure out how to do it
  3. Instead of shooting down ideas, coach employees on improving their ideas
  4. Collaborate with employees to overcome organizational constraints that deplete energy and motivation
  5. Provide occasions for informal social interaction for the team to get to know each other as professionals and as human beings to build trust among the team
  6. Ask questions that spark energy and insight
  7. Craft meaningful and exciting work

Creativity may come in many forms, whether it is hosting a musician in your cafeteria at lunchtime, making a Drip & Splat painting with your team, inspiring new solutions to a problem, or providing insight into your company’s work. It is absolutely necessary for workplace wellness and company sustainability to incorporate creative outlets. And in the end, if we all bring a little more creativity into our workplaces, we all will win.