Kudos to UBS Realty for Creative Fundraising for the Arts!

UBS Realty is located in downtown Hartford, right on Main Street.  And boy are they excited about the arts in Greater Hartford!  Though they’re a smaller office, they go all out for the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s annual United Arts Workplace Campaign.  Their creative fundraising reaches out to all employees regardless of age, position, or interest.  Through keen partnerships in the community and new, out-of-the-box ideas they are moving our fundraising mercury higher and higher on the campaign thermometer! The folks at UBS Realty love to have fun and be creative– after all, isn’t that what the arts are all about?  I was amazed at all they had planned for their office for this year’s Workplace Campaign.  Their ideas are unique, fun, and incorporate everyone.  They kicked off with a luncheon buffet at the Old State House (talk about beautiful history) with guest speaker, Taneisha Duggan from HartBeat Ensemble.  It was so impactful to hear how Taneisha has been involved with the arts since a very young age, and those activities were funded in part by Greater Hartford Arts Council grants!  It really came full circle!  Not only were the speakers powerful, but the food was delicious, too.  Black-Eyed Sally’s outdid themselves with their comfort food.  I think more than a few employees will be stopping by Black-Eyed Sally’s for lunch this week and for the free Black-Eyed & Blues Festival on Friday!  It’s great to see them supporting local businesses and the local arts.

Not only do they support local businesses and arts organizations, but UBS Realty also supports their employees in showing off their own creative skills.  During the annual Bake Sale, one employee created an adorable (and tasty) cupcake display for the arts.  Besides the Bake Sale, employees can come together through the a Progressive Lunch.  Different departments and floors are responsible for different courses.  Employees pay a small fee to participate, and then the employees gradually make their way through the office while enjoying each other’s company and each other’s culinary creations.  What a great way to show off individual talent while holding an incredible team-building event!  But that’s not all UBS Realty has up its sleeves.  UBS Realty helda Happy Hour on Friday, June 13th complete with a Pool Tournament at City Steam Brewery Café.  And a huge thank-you goes out to City Steam for hosting UBS Realty, while also donating a portion of the sales back to the Arts Council!  Not only did City Steam have a fun end-of-the-week event, but they were able to support the Arts Council and show off one of our local restaurants featured on the Let’s Go Arts Card.

So a big thank you to our arts organizations who put on amazing plays and concerts!  Thank you to our local businesses who partner with us to provide delicious food and lots of fun, while proving that downtown Hartford DOES have it!  And thank you to all of you at UBS Realty, and others who donate to the United Arts Campaign, for providing support for the arts in the Greater Hartford region!

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