Contagious Enthusiasm at Lincoln Financial Workplace Campaign

Enthusiasm is contagious, and Lincoln Financial must be one of the most infections of all companies.  Kicking off their workplace campaign on Wednesday evening with a reception at TheaterWorks, the employees and committee members were nearly bubbling over with enthusiasm for the arts and support for our campaign.  Everyone on the committee—and it’s a large and diverse committee!—was contributing in one way or another to the variety of activities on Lincoln’s campaign calendar. They made their own hors d’ouevres, an employees’ daughter who studies at the University of Hartford’s Hartt School played violin, and everyone buzzed about what activity they were responsible for next week.  It was great!  Their line-up of workplace activities is dynamic and meant to be a ton of fun; all while raising funds for the United Arts Campaign.

Emma Ladd, Vice President of Executive Benefits Operations at Lincoln Financial and a member of our Board of Directors, told me she actively encouraged employees to participate in the activities and to have fun.  Not only does it encourage creativity, she said, but it also raises morale and makes employees more productive.  And in a word, that encompasses the goal of the workplace campaigns.Lincoln Talen Show

That enthusiasm couldn’t have been more evident on Monday morning as committee members welcomed employees back to work with “happy music” (yes—Pharell was playing loudly at 7:30am) and folks from Sea Tea Improv.  Free water, employee artwork, and lots of energy; is there a better way to start the week?   You couldn’t help but smile.  Then to cap off their week of amazing activities, they showcased their own employees’ artistic skills in “Lincoln’s Got Talent.”  What a gifted group!  There were singers, guitarists, a capella groups, and an actuary who juggled while telling jokes!  Who knew that was all hidden in the insurance, actuarial, and legal departments?!  Check out the photos from their kick-off reception at TheaterWorks and “Lincoln’s Got Talent” here.

Lincoln Financial has consistently set the bar high for our workplace campaigns, and every year they clear that bar with high margins.  They are such champions of the arts, reiterating the important role arts play in our students’ education and development, our own health, and in our communities’ vitality.  We are so excited to have Lincoln Financial chair the United Arts Campaign this year, but honestly I think they’re more excited than we are!

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