What Does Art Mean to You?

It’s an interesting question, open to a lot of interpretation. What does art mean to you?  Art is, in itself, subjective.  So in an effort to encourage more participation in and conversation about the arts, I decided to leave an open forum for comments in the lobby of 280 Trumbull during Grunberg Management’s Workplace Campaign last week.  What would people say?  Would they even both to pick up a marker and jot down their ideas as they came to work, waited for a meeting, or perused the table with various museum and art organizations’ brochures?

Much to my delight and surprise, people did leave their thoughts on the giant Post-It note paper.  When asked, “What does art mean to you?” this is how some responded:

  • “Art means: Expressing yourself, your personality, your likes and dislikes, your emotions…”
  • “Freedom”
  • “The window into humanity”
  • “LIFE”
  • “Art was therapy for me at the VA Hospital when I got home”
  • “Culture”
  • “Transformative expression”
  • “Imagination”
  • “Makes me feel alive”

And this was only the beginning of the discussion.   When I asked my friends and coworkers their thoughts, the answers varied even more.  But isn’t that the beauty of art– to appeal in so many different ways to so many different people?

So now I ask you– What does art mean to you?  Share your comments here, or use the #myartGHAC on social media.  Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts, your feelings, and your perspective!

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