United Technologies & The Arts

Isn’t it great to walk into your office building or cafeteria in the middle of your busy day to hear beautiful, soothing music playing?  And isn’t it even better to discover that it’s live music?  We’ve been helping to make employees’ days a little brighter all month long at United Technologies (UTC) business units throughout the state.  From classical and Latin guitar to blues duets,  making prints of Blackhawk helicopters to Jackson Pollock-like Drip & Splat painting—we’ve been exposing UTC employees to a variety of creative outlets during lunchtime.

While I’m standing with a table of local arts organizations’ brochures talking with interested employees, one of our guest artists is performing in the lobby or cafeteria.  And I can’t help but smile when an employee turns the corner and smiles, surprised that the beautiful music is actually right here in their workplace.  It makes ME happy to see THEM happy.  It’s wonderful to highlight the local talent we have here in the Greater Hartford region—musicians like Lorena Garay, Judy Handler, and Mark Levesque, along with students from The Hartt School of the University of Hartford like Dan Liparini.

These great performances and creative engagements are all coordinated in the name of fundraising for the United Arts campaign.  Any donation amount helps, and it all goes toward supporting more than 150 arts, heritage, and cultural organizations in Greater Hartford.  Many employees are surprised at the local talent and organizations that are so near to home and work.  I really enjoy sharing new places to visit with the response of, “I never knew that was so close! I have to go visit!”

I look forward to introducing more workplaces throughout the region to our amazing talent and resources available right here in the Greater Hartford region.  The United Arts Workplace Campaigns are just getting started.  Our team will be out at different workplaces throughout the area to raise important funds for the arts, all while enjoying beautiful music and creating amazing pieces of art with employees.  Isn’t this a great job?

If you want a creative break at your workplace while supporting a great cause, let us know!  We’d love to work with you to release the creativity in your workforce and raise funds for the United Arts campaign.  Contact us today!

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