Hartford Steam Boiler Heats Up the Workplace Campaign

There’s nothing like cooling off on a warm spring day with a bowl of ice cream.  It’s even better when it’s scooped by senior executives.  Well, Hartford Steam Boiler made for a perfect warm spring week with their United Arts Workplace Campaign last week by providing one such ice cream social.  And there is no cooling down their enthusiasm and passion for the supporting the arts.  Hartford Steam Boiler has been one of our strongest corporate partners for years, always passionately supporting the United Arts Campaign and raising a great deal of money for the arts and cultural community.  For the past 16 years they have been our #1 workplace campaign for a company of its size.  This year was no different.  The employees excitedly bid on a wonderful array of items, from game and show tickets to camping packages and delicious wines, in a teacup auction.  They certainly enjoyed building their own sundaes with ice cream scooped by the senior executives!  Playing Twain Trivia with the folks from the Mark Twain House, employees even willingly became “Dum Dums” for answering a trivia question incorrectly.  (Did you know that Samuel Clemens– aka, Mark Twain– had a cat named Satan?)  Hey, you couldn’t go wrong with playing along when you win Smarties candies for a correct answer and Dum Dum lollipops for an incorrect one.  Everyone had some good laughs together. But you know what made people most excited?  Many employees couldn’t believe how easy it was to become an artist when they made their own print of the Hartford skyline– and that was after they repeatedly told us how uncreative and inartistic they were.  They were amazed to see the beautiful print they created by simply putting ink on an etched plate and pressing it against card paper.  It was so much fun to watch them light up when we gently peeled the paper away from the plate to reveal a beautiful image of the Capital building or the Colt building’s iconic dome.  Over the two afternoons we spent at Hartford Steam Boiler, people made multiple prints to give as birthday cards, to decorate their desks, or to show their kids what THEY did at work today. As Samuel Clemens once wrote, “Supposing is good, but finding out is better.”  And I think many of the Hartford Steam Boiler employees discovered just that– supposing one can make art and enjoy art is good, but finding out that one can actually be an artist and make a major impact through their donation is much, much better.

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