Spotlight On: Neighborhood Studios 2013

NeighborhoodStudiosIconBesides fireworks and barbeques, the first week of July also kicks off the beginning of the Arts Council’s Neighborhood Studios, a six-week arts education apprenticeship program. This summer, 67 teens will be taught the value of creativity and fundamental career skills they’ll need to succeed in today’s workforce. For the next five weeks, we’ll be holding the spotlight on each of the five Studios to see what they’re up to and what they’re all about this summer.


Under the guidance of master teaching artists at some of Hartford’s premiere arts and heritage organizations, Neighborhood Studios apprentices receive hands-on instruction to develop their artistic abilities in the fields of their passions. This artistic enrichment culminates with a “Studio Showcase,” where apprentices from each studio publicly exhibit or perform their work for the community. Without further adieu, here are this year’s Neighborhood Studios:


In addition to arts training, our apprentices develop skills that help prepare them to succeed in today’s ever-changing work environments. Now more than ever, employers seek to hire individuals who approach projects and problems critically and creatively—skills which an education in the arts promotes the use of every day. Additionally, to substantiate a solid core of professional abilities, apprentices also engage in a rigorous career skills curriculum to teach them job readiness, interviewing and networking skills, resume building and personal financial literacy.


Our Neighborhood Studios program, above all, helps foster well-rounded individuals ready to tackle the world we live in today. Advocating for diversity and civic pride, our apprentices leverage the power of the arts to bridge socio-economic divisions and illustrate the power of teamwork and collaboration in a sample of students that reflects the entire Greater Hartford community.

To learn more about each studio and for a schedule of studio themes, showcases and performances, visit

Neighborhood_281Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Many thanks to Travelers, this year’s presenting sponsor of Neighborhood Studios, Bank of America, the contributing sponsor, and studio sponsors Ensworth Charitable Trust, Hartford Hospital, the Howard A. Fromson Foundation, Lincoln Financial Foundation and The Hartford. Additional support for Neighborhood Studios comes from the Elizabeth Carse Foundation, Fisher Foundation, NewAlliance Foundation, the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut and individual donors to the United Arts Campaign.

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