My Let's GO Arts! Adventure

Tell us one of your Let’s GO Arts! experiences! In connection with our Let’s GO Arts! Holiday Promotion, we are hosting a story contest for our Let’s GO Arts members. Let us know how your Let’s GO Arts! card was a part of your evening, and you could win a one year extension on your current Let’s GO Arts! membership – OR – 2 Let’s GO Arts! cards to gift to your friends and loved ones.

250 words or less. Entries are due Friday, December 14 to Feel free to get creative with your story. To help inspire your writing, here’s an example of a time I used my Let’s GO Arts! card recently:


Susan Retirement Happy HourJittery fingers, restless legs—anxiousness exuded from me before my job interviews at the Arts Council. When I first walked into the offices, I met the fiery haired Welcome Center Coordinator Susan Williams. With simply a few quick conversations, Susan managed to calm some of my nervousness, which helped me focus before each phase of the interviewing process.

Upon being hired, I knew I would be working part-time in the Welcome Center. As I was trained to run the information hub, Susan, unbeknownst to her, also instructed me in much more subtle ways—like the importance of amiability in developing professional relationships and the ability to positively transform an entire place of employment with a sunny disposition and true care.

About a year after I started, Susan retired from the Welcome Center. To toast her time at the Arts Council, I planned a happy hour at Salute Restaurant in Hartford for our staff to honor Susan’s 5 years at the Arts Council. With a table covered with wine and delectable apps like sweet potato raviolis, we raised our glasses to celebrate Susan and to voice our envy over her retirement.

Placing my Let’s GO Arts! card in the bill at the evening’s end, I was struck by a phrase from my old summer camp: “It was goodnight and not goodbye.” Although we no longer would work together, I know Susan and I will keep in touch with emails, notes and lunches—most likely at Salute again!

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