Public School Campaign Kick-off

We’re very excited to announce a brand-new addition to our Workplace Giving roster this year: the Hartford Public School system.

Each year, the Arts Council runs between 50 and 100 (usually around 75) workplace giving events in companies throughout our 34-town service area. We’re not just asking for donations—workplace giving makes up about one-third of the money we raise each year—but we enjoy the opportunity to connect local employees with amazing arts organizations and cool, interesting events and activities happening right in their backyard. Workplace giving takes on a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the company, but usually includes a presentation from the staff or one of our grant recipients and an interactive series of “arts breaks” giving workers the chance to escape their offices and try to do something artsy.

And who understands the importance of the arts better than teachers? With the Mayor of Hartford as our 2012 Campaign Chair, we figured it was the perfect year to jump-start workplace giving in the public school system. I’m hoping we can use the workplace campaign to get teachers and educators excited about the wealth of world-class arts organizations and cultural institutions Hartford has to offer.

Cathy had the opportunity to speak at the Superintendent’s Leadership meeting, a gathering of principals from across the school district, yesterday morning (blurry cell phone pic below). She made a passionate appeal to the leaders of the school system to help support our United Arts campaign, highlighting especially the importance of keeping the arts alive for generations of Hartford students. Their workplace event officially begins in a couple of weeks, and I’m looking forward to posting some exciting stories from this first-ever initiative as their campaign unfolds.

Cathy at Hartford Public Schools

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