Get a Sneak Peek at the Arts Showcase at Big Red for the Arts

Big Red for the Arts 2016

If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, you may have heard that our annual fundraiser Big Red for the Arts is just around the corner and this year we’re celebrating our 45th anniversary, in addition to the start of our United Arts Campaign. Along with signature dishes and wines, we’ll be featuring an arts showcase by local artists and arts organizations to demonstrate the amazing impact your contributions to our United Arts Campaign has on the community. Thanks to you, in the past 45 years, we’ve been able to support arts organizations and programs that promote health and wellness, art and career skills, and improved quality of life. So, join the party and play an integral role in helping Greater Hartford become a more vibrant place to live, work, and visit by supporting the arts. Scroll through to get a sneak peek at the arts showcase lineup and don’t forget to RSVP for the event on March 10 at The Hartford Club. Read More

Art Galleries & Museums to Visit in Greater Hartford

museums and galleries in hartford


As one of the top ten most artsy states in the country, Connecticut has a plethora of art museums, galleries, and community arts centers just in Greater Hartford alone. We’re so proud to support many of these centers on this list as they continue to provide thought-provoking exhibits, art classes for people of all ages, and fun events that bring people together. While you may have already created your New Year’s resolutions for 2016, we hope you’ll consider visiting more museums too. After all, tons of scientific literature supports the theory that looking at art enhances mood, decreases inflammation, and improves overall mental and emotional health. And arts therapy is regularly used for veterans and Alzheimer’s patients to promote healing and mindfulness, respectively. So, why not visit a museum at least once a month this year? Share your visits with us on Instagram using #LetsGoArts and we’ll share your photos with our audience.  Read More

Best Moments of 2015

We can’t believe the year is almost over! Thanks to the thousands of donors who contributed generously to our United Arts Campaign this year, we can continue to support the local arts, cultural, and heritage organizations that make Greater Hartford an exciting place to live, work, and visit. Here’s a look back at our best moments of 2015.

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Cultural Ninjas on the Loose

Bristol Art Squad Blog Post Picture

Artist Cody Martin paints his “All Heart” traffic box

Driving through Bristol, Connecticut is getting much more exciting these days. Operation: Traffic Boxes, an initiative of the Bristol Art Squad, is creating vibrancy on the streets and showcasing the artistic talent of city residents. The Bristol Art Squad, a group of “cultural ninjas,” organized artists to paint the clunky silver traffic boxes throughout the city. Read More

Stories from the Mark Twain House


There are so many ways you can share your story. It can be poetic. It can be humorous, heartbreaking or horrific. You can reveal it in a letter, write a book, share it from a stage in a crowded theater or spit rhymes in a poetry slam. How much you reveal can be shallow or deeply personal.  The apprentices from the Mark Twain House’s Write to the Point program spent six weeks of their summer in the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s Neighborhood Studios program honing their creative non-fiction writing skills and preparing their work for presentation. They told their stories through exercises and prompts, on paper and through recordings. Read More