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Phoenix Rises With Their Campaign Creativity

Phoenix Wealth Management is an artistic fixture in the Greater Hartford arts community, and that’s not just because of their unique boat-shaped office building that adds beauty to the Hartford skyline.  Phoenix employees have been huge supporters of the United Arts Campaign for many years, raising funds for the Greater Hartford arts, heritage, and cultural institutions throughout the community.  This year’s workplace campaign just may have been our most creative and engaging campaign of the season.  Just look at these pictures, and you’ll see what I mean! Read more

Q&A: Mark Twain House & Museum


Samuel Langhorne Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) is best known for his humorous novels, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, but what you probably didn’t know Read more

Everything You Need to Do in Hartford By July 22


If there’s one thing Hartford is best known for it’s live jazz, and this week we’ve got a chock-full of smooth sounds from Monday Night Jazz to the 23rd annual Greater Hartford Jazz Festival, which kicks off this weekend.  Read more

Everything You Need To Do In Hartford By July 15th


The fireworks may have started last weekend but they’re not ending anytime soon thanks to Riverfest and the Talcott Mountain Music Festival coming up this weekend.  We’ve got everything you need to plan your weekend from art exhibits and cocktails to movies under the stars and painting. Bring your kids, bring your friends, or just bring yourself. Read on for more.  Read more

Getting To Know Ed Johnetta Miller


Ed Johnetta Miller with Grants Administrator, Jose Feliciano, at the opening of “Jazz Tones”

You can’t have a discussion about fiber art without mentioning Ed Johnetta Miller. The award-winning and internationally acclaimed fiber artist has been an inspiration to a swath of artists who create ornate works of art using textiles. Read more

Everything You Need To Do In Hartford By July 8th


Happy (early) Independence Day! As artists, we all know a little something about what it means to be independent. Read more

5 Lessons All Artists Can Learn from Neighborhood Studios


Neighborhood Studios 2014

Neighborhood Studios, the six-week summer apprenticeship for emerging artists in the Greater Hartford area, kicked off this week with a panel of teachers sharing their wisdom on what it’s really like to be a contemporary artist. As one would expect from any conversation about the arts as a profession, the discussion frequently centered on the question of “making it” as an artist, and what to do in the face of struggle. Nevertheless, despite the seemingly negative undertones, the teachers emphasized the importance of practice and passion for achieving success. Here are five important takeaways from the discussion. Read more

Q&A: Fiber Art Demystified

ct fiber arts collective

Members of the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective at the opening of Jazz Tones


Last night we held an opening reception for our current exhibit, “Jazz Tones,” featuring ornate works of fiber art from the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective. Prior to the exhibit, I was wholly unfamiliar with fiber art as an art form, and thought textiles were used exclusively for blankets and clothes (I know, I know.). That’s when I decided to interview the members of the Collective to learn more about fiber art, their creative process, and how jazz inspires them to continue creating beautiful pieces of artwork. Read on and don’t forget to visit 100 Pearl Street Gallery to peruse the textured collection for yourself.

Read more

Everything You Need To Do In Hartford By July 1st

Wednesdays get a lot of flack. Between the start of the week and one-too-many days before the weekend, there’s not a whole lot of mid-week love to go around.  But here’s one thing to look forward to – our much-coveted weekly arts and entertainment newsletter now has a weekly presence on our blog.   Read more

How The Arts = Happiness



Step inside any art museum, say MoMA or the Wadsworth, and the regions of your brain associated with pleasure, memory, emotion, and vision immediately light up upon viewing a painting, according to a study in the June issue of Brain and Cognition. Why is that? Read more


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